“There are some coaches who can teach but aren’t remarkable athletes. There are some pro-level skaters who are exceptional athletes, but aren’t effective coaches. Mike is a talented skateboarder who can also coach well – a rare combination! Mike Owen caught my attention at our local skate park when I noticed him skating the bowl with rockstar ability…at first I thought he was just having fun but then I noticed he was actually doing a demonstration run for his student at the time. It was more than simply impressing the student – he was teaching a fundamental technique by following up the preceding verbal instruction with a visual demonstration. This combination of verbal & visual approaches is key to effective learning in my opinion. Mike has an intuitive ability to watch a skater on any surface or format for only a few minutes and identify exactly what it is they need to work on most. His talent in both skating & teaching apply to all areas of skateboarding: Vert, bowls, park, street, mini-ramp, etc.

My daughter Bryce has been working with Mike for about 2 months now, and Mike is the first sk8 coach she’s ever had. He immediately identified several key areas she could quickly improve upon by giving her some fundamental tips we had completely over looked. She has progressed directly from Mike’s coaching, especially in her specialty areas of bowls, pools & park. Mike is super laid back & makes it fun for both parents & kids, even when both are the students! – There is no age limit to learning in Mike’s book!”

– Max Wettstein, father of sk8rgirl Bryce, Athlete & Airline Pilot 

The first time Cash saw Mike O skate was at the World Famous Combi aka Vans.We found out he was the 11th best skater in the world.His style was quite different than Cash had really seen.

Smooth, flowing sort of just breezed into these huge fluid airs, twists & grinds. Cash could really relate to his style of skating. When we approached him & found out he offered lessons. We immediately set up lessons. We were amazed at his calm, quite, Zen demeanor that packed an amazing detailed punch. Mike explains things so easy with immense detail, down to the sound the board should make on each trick. Mike & Cash developed a friendship, more like two skaters bros hanging out. Mikes lessons are not forced, they’re positive & full of amazingly fast tips to get several tricks out of 1 lesson. Cash has been progressing pretty fast & is now looking to Mike to learn some more advanced & unusual tricks to take to world cup contest he competes in.

We deeply respect his guidance in skating.

Working with mike is a privilege!

Can’t say enough…

– Best Lisa & Jerry Kenton

I met Mike Owen while he was doing his Saturday open lesson at Carmel Valley Skate park and I was immediately impressed with the way he gave feedback to his students.  The next week I contacted Mike and signed up for skateboarding lessons.

After my first lesson with Mike, I was excited because I knew I had made the right decision to learn to skate with him.  Mike is able to ask the right questions to get you to notice your own technique and adjust make adjustments accordingly.   He can demonstrate and explain each of the skills he is teaching and this proves to be very helpful as well.  The flow of our lessons is more like two friends challenging each other and having fun skating, rather than a what can be a boring teacher/student type relationship.  Its all about having fun and progressing our skating!

As 29 year old looking to learn basic to advanced skateboardings technique,  I am excited to have found Mike Owen to be my skateboarding instructor.  I would recommend Mike to any kids or adults who want to take their skating to the next level.

Mike, I want to thank you for the great instruction you are giving Markus. I can’t believe how much his skating has improved since he has been taking lessons from you. Every week he is learning new tricks and his confidence in his skating abilities has increased significantly!


My 8 year old son, Jake, has been skateboarding since age 6. A couple months ago he started lessons with Mike. His enthusiasm as well as his skateboarding skills have improved significantly. Jake is now going to our local skate park 2 to 3 times per week eager to practice the things Mike has taught him. Mike has been teaching Jake better techniques and he is progressing very well, which has really boosted his confidence! Mike’s patience, positive attitude, and knowledge of skateboarding has been invaluable for Jake. I would highly recommend Mike!
– Brooke Farb

My kids Lauren (8) and John (6) love taking skate lessons with Mike Owen.
He is patient with the kids as they learn how to skate. I would highly recommend using Mike as a skate instructor for kids and adults. He’s an awesome skater, yet he keeps the lessons challenging and fun.Kathy Spiteri
Encinitas, CA