Mike Owen - Pro Skater & Founder of San Diego Skateboarding

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"Skateboarding has always been a positive outlet in my life. With San Diego Skateboarding I wanted to share my passion, the knowledge I've acquired, and to hopefully inspire others.

Looking back on the progress of skateboarding over the last 30 years it's the biggest it's ever been today. More and more people everyday are learning to ride. What better way to learn than from an expert with a lifetime of experience and dedication.
I've helped numerous top amateur professionals and even inspired my dad to start skateboarding when he was 40 years old. He has been skating for 22 yrs now and he still loves it! He even has his own backyard ramp now 🙂

I can say without a doubt if you get good foundational skills in the beginning you will progress faster and in the end gain a better understanding and respect for the craft."  Mike Owen
When mike isn't skating or teaching he enjoys music, playing guitar, outdoor activities, movies, and spending time with his family and friends. Reserve a class with Mike.  Book now

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